1:53.2 Is the Label and Booking agency born at the club 2.35:1 witch is located at the basement of Berns, Stockholm, Sweden. On the Label side the focus will be on releasing music that reflects the atmosphere from the nightclub 2.35:1 and vice verse the music from 1:53.2 will be the sound of the nightclub. 1:53.2 is constantly looking for fun opportunities and we are only doing things that we think is fun. If it’s not fun, it is not 1:53.2, If it’s not 1:53.2, it is not 2.35:1

Alexi Delano

Inter Gritty

Jesper Dahlbäck

Joel Mull (Sweden only)

Nihad Tule

Nima Khak

Nuno dos Santos

Patrick Siech

Ray Kajioka