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Be seduced by Berns Asiatiska for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner or brunch. In the stunning nineteenth century hall we serve sashimi, steamed dim sum, whole grilled pike-perch, grilled Svartådal beef with shiso. As the first Chinese restaurant in the 1940s,  Berns Asiatiska was an exotic Stockholm restaurant and still today we continue to introduce new tastes from all corners of Asia.

Thursday- Saturday Lee Cassö invites DJs to get you in the right mode. Welcome to Asiatiska, the heart of Berns. Warm welcome!


The 31st of October and the 19th of December Out Of Office takes place at Berns, there will be extra loud music in the house for those who like to have a good after work.

Head of Berns Asiatiska, Caroline Nätteldal


Sunday – Thursday
11.30am – 01.00am
(kitchen closes at 11pm)
Friday – Saturday
11.30am – 03.00am
(kitchen closes at 11 pm)


Monday – Friday
6.30am – 10 am
7.30 am -11.00 am


11.30am-13.30pm och 14.00pm-16.00pm
355 SEK incl. coffee/tea
up to 6 years 110 SEK – from age 7 to 13 years 190 SEK


Monday to Friday
2pm – 5pm (Fridays to 4.3 pm)

Intyget Certificate of Excellence
Vinnare 2013





Here we serve cuisine from all over Asia.

At Berns we serve a Christmas buffet with genuine flavours from all over Asia. On the menu you can find classics like Thai meatballs in red curry and Hoisin Ribs, sushi and oysters with trout spawn and delicious desserts from Berns  patisserie.

27th of November -24th of December.

Monday-Saturday 695 SEK, dinner.
Saturday lunch and Sundays 455 SEK


Oysters with trout caviar and cumquat vinegar or chilli and coriander dip

Miso soup

Japanese dumplings stuffed with lamb or shrimp, served with mandu or soy-ginger dip

Deep fried, chicken dumplings served with mandu sauce


Chicken Cashew Salad

Grilled tomato salad with chilli, garlic and mint

Ceasar salad with wonton crisps

Squid salad with seaweed and kanpyo

Japanese pickled salmon with red onion

Japanese roast beef with shallot vinaigrette and onion crisp

Tom ka gai, Thai coconut soup with chicken and cilantro

Mee Maka, stir fry with egg noodles and deep fried tofu

Thai meat balls in red curry

Katsu don, panko deep fried pork loin with ton katsu sauce

Grilled salmon in hot coconut gravy

Kalbi Ribbs

Orange and miso baked duck breast

Whole roasted beef sirloin with sesame salt, chili majonaise and chinese cabbage kimchi

Rice Briyani

Berns Asiatiska New Years dinner
5 -course menu Berns Asiatiska – from 1 495 SEK per person (incl. party entrance). Book on


Wasabigravad röding med pickles, örter och misoaioli

Bento starter

Shake New Style with trout roe
Kimchi-baked scallop
Duck liver croquette with plum jam


Seared cod with ginger butter, lobster wontons and herbs,
served with Nishiki rice


Grilled prime veal entrecôte with edamame, shiitake purée and a soy jus


Berns New Year Tart

Berns Asiatiska New Years dinner - Vegeterian


Salt-baked beetroot with pickles, herbs and miso aioli

Bento starter

Avocado Roll New Style
Bon frites with plum jam
Vietnamese spring roll with mango and sweet basil

Main 1

Grilled king oyster mushroom with Hokkaido wontons and ginger butter, served with Nishiki rice

Main 2

Panko-coated black salsify with edamame, shiitake purée and a soy jus


Berns New Year Tart

This Week's Specials

Sushi, 10 pieces
140 :-

Edamame beans
60 :-

Miso Soup
25 :-

Yam Khai Dao mu, Egg and pork salad with chilli, rice powder and lime leaves

Artichoke and potato soup with coconut, ginger and salmon

Fried rice with shiitake, egg, zucchini and kudjang sauce


Seared saithe in smoked yellow curry sauce with chilli fried pak choy

Honey roasted loin of pork with pickled cucumber and celery

Grilled steak with Singapore black pepper sauce and garlic fried vegetables

Shinkansen Lunch

Yamagata roll
115 :-

Thai meatballs in red curry with marinated vegetables
135 :-

Berns chicken nuggets with miso aioli and pickled cauliflower
165 :-

Berns Bento Box

Seared saithe, Artichoke soup, Grilled steak,
Yam Khai Dao mu, Berns nuggets, Spicy albacore roll

-Sweets from the buffé-
255 :-

Berns Patisserie

(12 pm - 5 pm)

Home made pastries
160 :-

With Lunch

At Berns we serve a versatile breakfast suitable for everyone. We have an amazing buffet where you among other things can find the best newly baked bread, yogurt, fresh fruits and our own pastries. We also have great menu of hot courses. During the weekdays you can also order a new baked waffle or even make it yourself. Welcome!

Breakfast buffe

250 :-

American pancakes with maple syrup

60 :-

French Toast
50 :-

45 :-

Sandwich, juice, coffee or tea
88 :-

Pastries, juice, coffee or tea

78 :-

Welcome to book your brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.
We have seatings, 11:30 am to 13:30 pm, and 2:00 pm to 16:00 pm.
The brunch costs 355 SEK, including coffee & tea. Children up to 6 years 110 SEK - from age 7 to 13 years 190 SEK

Chinese dumplings – Four different Chinese dumplings with beef, shrimps, chicken or vegetables either fried or steamed

Siu Pau - Paste packs filled with bbq pork

Oysters with trout spawn and cumquat vinaigrette or black horn of plenty salsa

Tofu Wok - With udon nudles, tofu and vegetables

Chicken Cashew - Chinese cabbage, haricots verts, cashew nuts and Japanese mayonnaise

Nem -Vietnamese pork and spring rolls

Iceberg lettuce and fresh herbs – Mix the spring rolls in the salad and herbs and dip them in Nouc Cham

Miso soup

Hoisin ribs – spare rib and hoisin and benniseed

Thai meatballs with red curry

Tom ka gai - Thai coconut soup with chicken, coriander and red chilli

Fast fried tzay – with pineapple cashew nuts and spring onion

Tod man plaa - Thai fish cakes

Roasted breast of veal – Marinated with lemon gras, garlik and ginger

Berns Asiatiska steak at brunch

Vegetarian yellow curry – With carrot, cauliflower and sweet potato

Japanese preserved salmon – with red onion and black benniseed

Thai Caesar salad – Roman salad with Sean Connery dressing and marinated tofu

Ika nori - Japanese octopus salad with nori alga

Jasmine rice

Kai Seki

We want to bring you a taste of Asia with ourunique selection of cocktails.
We use subtleingredients such as Japanese Sake and Sho -chuthat, with their lower
alcohol content, beautifully accentuate our chosen herbs and spices fromAsia.
Enjoy one of our aperitifs and be captivated by the Far East.

Sushi - Nigiri

Sushi 5 pieces
135 :-

Sashimi 5 pieces
145 :-

Salmon Nigiri, 10 pieces
250 :-

Amaebi- Sweet Shrimp
38 :-

Ebi Shrimp
45 :-

Hokkigai Surfclam
38 :-

Black Cod
38 :-

Shake, Salmon
38 :-

Tako, Octopus
38 :-

Hamachi, Yellowtail
45 :-

Hotate, Scallop
45 :-

Sushi - Maki

Hotate roll (scallop)
175 :-

Califonia roll
145 :-

Spicy Albacore roll
175 :-

Spicy albacore roll new style
190 :-

Crispy spicy albacore roll
190 :-

Shake roll new style
180 :-

Tempura ebi roll
210 :-

Berns Asian roll
310 :-

Soft-shell new style
295 :-

Vegetarisk sushi

Nigiri avocado
38 :-

Hosomaki cucumber
85 :-

Veggie roll
140 :-

Tempura Veggie Roll
180 :-

Haricots Verts roll
140 :-

Sushi Chef Special

Berns new style
165 :-

Shake wasabi
135 :-

Sashimi new style
155 :-

Ceviche salmon
180 :-

255 :-

Po special
230 :-

Sashimi Moriawase
315 :-

Grand sushi and sashimi plate plate
525 :-

Grand hosomaki plate
550 :-

Hors d'oeuvres

Garlic fried French beans with deep-fried oyster mushrooms
75 :-

Steamed edamame beans with sea salt
70 :-

Som Tam salad of green papaya with chili, tomato and peanuts
85 :-

Kimchi-baked scallops with green tomato
170 :-

Berns chicken nuggetswith miso-aioli
155 :-

Grilled green asparagus with poached egg, ginger, butter, cashew nuts and wasabi
185 :-


Fine de Claire oysters x3 with chilli dip, coriander,lime and crispy onion
145 :-

Extra oyster
45 :-

Carpaccio of beef fillet with roasted garlic, pickled cucumber, chilli and tempura onions
245 :-

Dim Sum

Puff pastry Dim Sum stuffed with pumpkin, galangal and tarragon
38 :- / p.p

Fried chicken dumpling with Mandu sauce
38 :- / p.p

Fried pork and peanut dumpling with ginger dip
38 :- / p.p

Fried Chinese beef dumpling with rice vinegar dip
45 :- / p.p

Baozi, steamed wheat bun filled with BBQ pork
75 :- / p.p

Spring roll

Deep-fried vegetarian spring roll with sweet chilli sauce
45 :- p.p.

Vegetarian rice paper rolls with tofu, rice vermicelli, lettuce, herbs, tamarind and peanuts

75:- p.p.


Fried tiger prawns (MSC-certified) battered with coconut and panko, served with a tart mango sakad and nuoc cham
295 :-

Deep-fried baby squid with crisp parsnip and soy dip
125 :-

Stir Fry

Sweet ’n' sour tofu with pak choi and cashew nuts
190 :-

Sizzling rice with Shoaxing-marinated porkloin and MSC tiger prawns
345 :-

Pad See Ew, Thai rice noodles stir fry, yellow bean paste, tofu and egg
195 :-


Bellaverde broccoli, carrot, king oyster mushroom and sweet potato (depending on availability)
175 :-

MSC tiger prawns with soy and ginger dip
275 :-


Vegetables with Sean Connery dressing
145 :-


Ginger-braised pork belly with baked pumpkin and soybean-chilli sauce
245 :-


Sashimi salad with albacore, salmon, scallops and tomato and chilli dressing
275 :-

Crispy salmon salad with a shallot vinigrette and cashew dressing
265 :-

Salad chicken cashew
210 :-


Miso soup
35 :-

Tom Ka Gai, Thai coconut soup with grilled chicken breast
245 :-


Whole grilled pike-perch with a tart green mango salad and Prick Nam Pla dressing (recommended for two people)
440 :-
Grilled salmon in a buttery Tom Yum sauce with pickled vegetables and herbs
265 :-

Grilled mackerel glazed with sake and soy, served with a mustard and chilli salad and salted rasishes
235 :-

Grilled chicken skewers with Massaman curry and peanuts
205 :-

Coriander-glazed spare ribs with pickled papaya and pointed cabbage
220 :-

Grilled pork sausage flavoured with galangal, chilli, lime leaf and garlic. Served with a pomelo salad, eggplant compote and chilli dip
245 :-

Grilled Svartådalsbiff with shiso and tomato, a tofu dressing and soya jus
345 :-

Thai meatballs in red curry
175 :-

Korean BBQ flank steak with kimchi, chilli-marinated cucumber and spicy mayonnaise
425 :-/795 :-

Miso baked rib-eye steak with egg yolk
365 :-


Thai Crème Brûlée
125 :-

Terrine of yuzu with cashew nuts, meringue and youghurt sorbet
145 :-

Rhubarb compote with baked chocolate and rhubarb ice cream
155 :-

Dulce de leche mousse with strawberry jam and browned butter spongecake
145 :-

Redcurrant pie with Italian meringue and vanilla ice cream
125 :-

Chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream (choose your preferred chocolate; dark, milk or white)
185 :-

Berns ice cream and sorbet (1 scoop)
45 :-

Chocolate truffle x 1
30 :-

Selection of favourites from Bern's Pâtisserie
185 :-

Chokladtryffel x 1
30 :-

Blandade favoriter från Berns konditori
185 :-

Yum Cha

Yum Cha means drinking tea, is a Chinese style afternoon tea. Welcome to the Berns Asiatiska Yum Cha! Monday - Fridag 14:00 - 17:00 ( Fridays until 16.30).

Your choice

3 x Dim Sum

Bern's homemade pastries
265 :-

Berns Patisserie

Homemade pastries
160 :-

Dim Sum

Chicken, Pork/Peanut, Vegetarian


Home made sweets from Berns patisserie, for example chocolate mousse, snickers cake, chocolate truffles, Thai creme brûlée, vanilla pannacotta and fruit salad


Berns 150y jubilee Tea
45 :-

Berns 150y jubilee Tea Box
150 :-

Lapsang, black tea, China
35 :-

Sencha, green tea, Japan
45 :-

Gen mai cha, green tea, Japan
45 :-

Oolong, Tie kvan yin, China
40 :-

 Jasmin, green tea, China
45 :-

Silver needle, white tea, China
45 :-

Rooibos Naturell, red tea, S.A
35 :-



Deutz Champagne, per glas
150 :-

Eradus, Suvignon Blanc, per glas
124 :-

Louis Moreau, Chablis 1 Cru, per glas
140 :-

Paul Lato, Chardonnay
1 550 :-

Eradus, Pinot Noir, per glas
125 :-

Northstar Merlot
795 :-

Beijing Gold, Lager 4,3%
64 :-

Bundaberg Ginger Beer (non-alcoholic)
50 :-

Coca Cola, Coca Cola Light, Fanta, Sprite
35 :-

Take away

Wish to treat your guest with something special?
Order Berns Asian Take Away.

Berns Asian offers a variety of dishes that you can easily order and enjoy wherever you want. Warm welcome

Order take away lunch

Weekdays 11:40 am to 3 pm

Order take away á la carte

Weekdays 3 pm to 10 pm, weekends 5 pm to 10 pm

Please observe that orders have to be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to pick-up time. Weekdays 11:40 am to 3 pm.

Please contact us directly for larger orders (more than 10 dishes) on +46 (0) 8 566 322 00. Welcome!

Edamamebönor, 60 :-
Sushi 10 bitar, 140 :-
Extra bit, 15 :-
Yam Khai Dao mu, Egg and pork salad with chilli, rice powder and lime leaves, 155 :-
Artichoke and potato soup with coconut, ginger and salmon, 185 :-
Fried rice with shiitake, egg, zucchini and kudjang sauce, 165 :-
Seared saithe in smoked yellow curry sauce with chilli fried pak choy, 185 :-
Honey roasted loin of pork with pickled cucumber and celery, 175 :-
Grilled steak with Singapore black pepper sauce and garlic fried vegetables, 225 :-
Shinkansen Lunch
Yamagata Roll, 115 :-
Thai Meatballs in red curry with marinated Vegetables and Rice, 135 :-
Berns chicken nuggets with miso aioli and pickled cauliflower, 165 :-
Berns' Patisserie
Home made pastries and desserts, 160 :-
With lunch, 70 :-

Please observe that orders have to be submitted at least 30 minutes prior to pick-up time. Weekdays 3 pm to 10 pm, weekends 5 pm to 10 pm.

Please contact us directly for larger orders (more than 10 dishes) on +46 (0) 8 566 322 00. Welcome!

Sushi Maki
California Roll With Snow Crab, 145 :-
Veggie Roll, 140 :-
Spicy Albacore Roll, 175 :-
Moriawase, 4 Maki, 8 Nigiri, 255 :-
Tempura Ebi Roll, 210 :-
Tempura Veggie Roll, 180 :-
Misosoppa, 35 :-
Vitlöksfrästa haricots verts med friterad ostronskivling, 75 :-
Ångade edamamebönor med flingsalt, 70 :-
Berns chicken nuggets med miso-aioli, 155 :-
Thai-biffsallad på tataki-halstrad Svartådalsbiff med aromatiskt rispulver, chili och mynta, 145 :-
Dim Sum x 1
Stekt kycklingdumpling med Mandu-sås, 38 :-
Stekt fläsk- och jordnötsdumpling med ingefärsdipp, 38 :-
Vårrulle r x 1
Friterad vegetarisk vårrulle med sweet chilisås, 45 :-
Kokos och panko fritterade MSC tigerräkor med syrlig mangosallad och nouc cham, 295 :-
Stir Fry
Pad See Ew, Thai stir fry på risnudlar, gul bönpasta, tofu och ägg Pad See Ew, Thai stir fry with rice noodles, bean paste, tofu and egg, 195 :-
Grönsaker med Sean Connery-dressing, 145 :-
Sallad chicken cashew, 210 :-
Misosoppa, 35 :-
Tom Ka Gai, thailändsk kokossoppa med grillat majskycklingbröst, 235 :-
Grillade kycklingspett med Massaman-curry och jordnötter, 205 :-
Ingefärsbräserad fläsksida med bakad pumpa och sojaböns-chilisås, 245 :-
Koriander-glaserade revbensspjäll med syrad papaya och spetskål, 220 :-
Thai-köttbullar i röd curry, 175 :-
Misobakad entrecôte med skirad äggula, 365 :-
Chokladtryffel x 1, 30 :-
Blandade favoriter från Berns Pâtisserie, 185 :-
0 :-
0 :-


The immensively popular film is now running as successful Swedish musical at the China Theatre next to Berns.

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Berns Asiatiska through the camera lens.

Berns right now

Asiatiska In Stockholm’s most beautiful venue we serve a selection of Asian cuisines such as spring rolls, sushi and California rolls. Enjoy our courses at Sweden’s first Chinese restaurant. Welcome!

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Tel: +46 (0)8 566 322 00


Tel: +46 (0)8 566 322 00
Berzelii Park
SE-111 47, Stockholm





Caroline Nätteldal


Andrea Leijon Rundbladh


Marcus Magnusson