During the 90’s-period of full length dance albums and it’s special mixture of underground- and commercial sounds, Staffan Lindberg discovered dance music.

Soon he started sneaking in to warehouse parties and night clubs and got caught not just by the music itself but also the club culture, which led to himself starting to dj. Staffan’s style varies but house is always a common denominator as well as a broad mixture of old and contemporary sounds.

During the summer of 2011 his remix of Steffi’s hit “Yours” was released on Ostgut Ton and by the end of 2012 his debut, a 4 track-EP was released on the Berlin label Dolly Dubs; both with a fresh sounding, yet old school-vibe, and without the limits. In 2013 Staffan released his second Dolly EP “Y2K” with a massive remix by Trevino.


Våra resident DJ:s