The writer and debater Viggo Cavling about cultural afternoons in the archipelago, the best sushi in town and where to eat dinner whilst Benny Andersson is playing the piano next to you.

Say you only have one last meal in life; what restaurant in Stockholm will you go to and what will you have?

- McDonald’s, two cheeseburgers, water and a bag of carrots. It’s better if the kids have something to inherit in the end, than to throw pearls at a pig. Otherwise, the sushi at Råkultur (Kungstensgatan 2) is incredible, quite pretentious and perfect if you want to impress gastronomically. Riche (Birger Jarlsgatan 4) is good if you want to impress socially. Here you can see tax evaders rub shoulders with the royal family.

What is your favourite street in Stockholm?

– Hornsgatan, a street that never sleeps.

What three fashion shops in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

– Zara (Hamngatan 8), Jupiter (Hornsgatan 41) and Herr Judit (Hornsgatan 65).

How do you spend an afternoon of cultural activities in Stockholm?

– Spårvagnsmuseet (Tegelviksgatan 22) with the kids, Magasin 3 (Magasin3) and finally Moderna Museet (Skeppsholmen). If I have a car I’ll drive to Artipelag (Artipelagstigen 1, Gustavsberg).

What is your favourite walk in town?

– With company: Nybroplan – Thielska Galleriet, and back. If I need to think, I’ll walk around Riddarfjärden on my own.

What restaurant would you rather go to for a romantic date?

– Långa Raden at Hotell Skeppsholmen (Gröna gången 1). The fact that Benny Andersson is playing the piano in the background is sensual.

Which one is the most beautiful building in Stockholm?

– Konstnärshuset on Smålandsgatan 7, I have a soft spot for sprawling architecture. For example I hate the somber City Hall. I find it as exiting as a dense pine forest.

Three furniture shops not to miss in Stockholm?

- Ikea, Blocket and Svenskt Tenn (Strandvägen 5).

What three sights in Stockholm would you recommend as must-sees to a relative visiting from the countryside?

– The Royal Castle, Riche and Dramaten (Nybroplan).

What time of year do you think is the best in Stockholm?

– Early summer, as beautiful as if it was a sign of Gods existence.

What part of the city is most ”you” and why?

– Gamla Stan, the most international part of town. Already during medieval times half of the population here spoke a foreign language. Then: German, today: American.