Editor in chief of Damernas Värld and one of Sweden’s biggest fashion connoisseurs, about favourite galleries, romantic dinners and why she likes it best on the border between Östermalm and Vasastan.

Say you only have one last meal in life; what restaurant in Stockholm will you go to and what will you have?

– For my last meal I’ll go to (two-starred Michelin restaurant) Frantzén Lindeberg (nowadays named Restaurant Frantzén, Lilla Nygatan 21).

What three fashion shops in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

– Nathalie Schuterman (Birger Jarlsgatan 5), Stockholm Market (Riddargatan 3) and Acne (Norrmalmstorg 2).

How do you spend an afternoon of cultural activities in Stockholm?

– I’ll visit some galleries, preferably Charlotte Lund (Kungstensgatan 23) or Lars Boman (Karlavägen 9). I’d also stop by Bukowskis (Arsenalsgatan 4) or Stockholms Auktionsverk (Magasingatan 5) if they have got an interesting exhibition at the moment.

What is your favourite walk in town?

- Karlavägen is nice to walk along, then further out towards Djurgården on Narvavägen, or back towards Stureplan on Linnégatan. I don’t like Strandvägen too much; it’s always windy there.

What restaurant would you rather go to for a romantic date?

– I would book a table in the orangery and a room at the hotel Ett hem (Sköldungagatan 2). It is incredibly romantic and a bit secret.

What bar in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

– Cadierbaren (Grand Hôtel, Södra Blasieholmshamnen 8) or Operabaren (Karl XII:s Torg).

Where do you find the most exciting photo art in Stockholm?

– At Market (market-art.se), an art fair for contemporary art that has been around for a couple of years.

What three sights in Stockholm would you recommend as must-sees to a relative visiting from the countryside?

– Maria Nilsdotters new flagship store (Sturegatan 6) that is unique in its concept, Millesgården (Herserudsvägen 32) on a beautiful day, and don’t forget to visit the shop! Grand Hotel’s new terrace if the weather is nice, you can have dinner there with a great view of the castle. If its winter I like the ice skating rink in Kungsträdgården.

What time of the year is the best in Stockholm?

– Summer or really beautiful winter days when the sea is frozen.

What part of town is most ”you” and why?

- Most ”me” is the border between Östermalm and Vasastan. That is where I feel most at home.

What is your favourite street in Stockholm?

– Birger Jarlsgatan.