Photographer Jacob Felländer about romantic restaurants, luminous photo art and what time of year Stockholm is at its very best.

Say you only have one last meal in life; what restaurant in Stockholm will you go to and what will you have?

– If I had that short of time left to live I would probably not spend it at going to a restaurant. I would rather try to take a last picture, or surf Mavriks or get laid. But if I got hungry after all of these activities I’d go to Nosh and Chow (Norrlandsgatan 24). I always leave that place in ecstasy.

What is your favourite street in Stockholm?

– Wollmar Yxkullsgatan. Drop Coffee (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10) are Swedish Barista Champions and Mariatorget is the real heart of Stockholm.

What three fashion shops in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

– J.Lindeberg on Biblioteksgatan 6 to buy tailored goods. Gant Rugger on Sturegatan 6 for more casual clothes. Otherwise Beyond Retro (Åsögatan 144), when I have a bad hair day and need a hat to hide under.

How do you spend an afternoon of cultural activities in Stockholm?

– Easy. I make art in my studio on Virkesvägen. If I have to leave it I’ll go to Fotografiska (Stadsgrdshamnen 22).

What is your favourite walk in town?

– Any street in Stockholm at half past three in the morning in June. The Sun is rising and no worries exist!

What restaurant would you rather go to for a romantic date?

– I like Hotell Skeppsholmen (Gröna gången 1) because you can hide in the old regiment. And if you manage to charm your date, you can stay over in the cosy hotel.

What bar in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

– Mostly the Cocktailbar at Berns during summer. During winter I am usually out of town since the right lighting conditions for taking photos are found further south.

Where do you find the most exciting photo art in Stockholm?

– Right now in my studio on Virkesvägen. First floor. It says ”Storhetsvansinne AB” (Megalomania Inc.) on the door.

What three sights in Stockholm would you recommend as must-sees to a relative visiting from the countryside?

– Fotografiska, Skansen (Djurgårdsslätten 49-51) and Berns. A perfect cocktail of panoramic views, culture and history, that can’t be beat.

What time of the year is the best in Stockholm?

– August! The feeling of going back to school with Jack Frost luring around the corner makes you really make sure to profit from the few days of good weather that are left.

What part of town is most ”you” and why?

– I am absolutely no part of Stockholm! Stockholm is an amazing city, but we have no pride. We are too busy longing for New York. Sure, there is a drunken-old-man type of pride on Södermalm, but that’s probably just nostalgia. I mean, when did you last see a ”I Love Kungsh