The award-winning fashion designer talks about topiary bushes, favourite streets and where to find the most exciting art in town.

Say you only have one last meal in life; what restaurant in Stockholm will you go to and what will you have?

I would go to Pa&Co (Riddargatan 8) – but not for the food but because I like staring at Magnus Uggla when he eats”

What is you favourite street in Stockholm?

“Strandvägen, of course.”

What three fashion shops in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

“I don’t shop for fashion, but every now and then I’ll go to spy on customers in the shops where they sell BACK, like Weekday (Drottningatan 63), Aplace (Brunogallerian, Götgatan 36), Snickarbacken (Snickarbacken 7) and Keen (Västmannagatan 49)”

How do you spend an afternoon of cultural activities in Stockholm?

“I’d rather not go to exhibitions because I find them uncomfortable. But I like when all the galleries on Hudiksvallsgatan have openings on the same night and you don’t have to pretend you’re admiring the art but can run through the exhibitions quickly and then focus on the wine.”

What is your favourite walk in town?

“I’m told it is Monteliusvägen behind Söder Mälarstrand. I have never been there myself but the information comes from a reliable source.”

What restaurant would you rather go to for a romantic date?

- Do you have to? Can’t you just get straight to the point?

What bar in Stockholm do you frequent the most?

“Citykrogen on Vasagatan 46 and Bar Central (Skånegatan 83). Citykrogen feels really international with its central location. And Bar Central was designed by Uglycute who are more cute than ugly.”

Where do you find the most exciting art in Stockholm?


What three sights in Stockholm would you recommend as must-sees to a relative visiting from the countryside?

The garden in the Tessin Palace (Slottsbacken 4), right now I’m really into topiary bushes. Then I’d watch the changing of the royal guard at the Royal Palace and finish by going to Systembolaget.”

What part of the city is most ”you” and why?

“Östermalm. I like that it’s empty of people, the straight streets and that it’s nice and proper. Right now I hang out in the boho swamp on Fjällgatan, unbearable.”

What time of year do you think is the best in Stockholm?

“Right now!” (spring, editorial note)