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Support: The Tarantula Waltz

The 18th of June First Aid Kit will do an anticipated gig at Berns. They come to Berns to celebrate the new album to be released the 6th of June. It will be a magical and intimate performance, one you absolutely cannot miss.

When talking about First Aid Kit people often mention how their country-infused folk-pop has touched legends like Patti Smith and Paul Simon to tears. That their latest highly acclaimed record The Lions Roar (2012) and their coming Stay Gold are produced by Bright Eyes legend Mike Mogis. People often highlight their Swedish Grammies Awards and that “Emmylou” was ranked by Rolling Stone as one of the 10 best songs in 2012. Their sold out tours in the United States.

But the duo from the Swedish countryside manage perfectly fine without prestigious prizes and quality labels by old artists and producers. After two full length albums and several years of persistent touring they’ve shaken the world with their distinctive music uniting the American vastness and Swedish winter in the same loving embrace.

And hearing the first release”My Silver Lining” from the coming album we have no need to worry. The evening at Berns will be magical. Of course.

2014-06-18 Sold out



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