Dirty Loops

What is it with the water in Sweden?

The question is asked frequently, as the vast amount of music that dominates the charts globally, from the enormous success that is super-producer Max Martin and Redone to the artists Robyn and Swedish House Mafia. And now it’s a new Swedish act that gets people all over the world to raise eyebrows, through the new way to discover talent via Youtube is now time for DIRTY LOOPS.

The band has already been discovered by the likes of Desmond Child and Dallas Austin and Andreas Carlsson, who after seeing the video for their version of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” immediately designed the band as songwriters and performers to his newly formed management company.

“Just Dance”, their first video they released in November 2010, was a huge youtube hit without any promotion it reached 100,000 views and was shared 10,000 times on Facebook in just two months. To date, the video has over 350,000 views and has gathered their videos on youtube over 500 000 views.

Dirty Loops is a Swedish power trio that screws pop music in a way that has never been done before.

Friends and musicians Jonah (vocals and keyboards), Henry (bass) and Aaron (drums) all have unique individual skills which contribute to the “Dirty Loops The sound” that gives modern hits a whole new soundscape with bouncy beats, interesting new harmonies but still with the melody in focus that is carried by Jonah’s amazing, voluminous voice.

The band is not just an internet phenomenon, their live show and charisma on stage proved the summer of 2011, when they toured together with Danny Saucedo as backing band on his summer tour.


8 pm


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Stora Salongen

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