Zip & Martin Kling

Co-founder of the legendary label Perlon, Resident of Panorama Bar and one of the most respected underground DJ’s in the world. The 30th of November we present Zip who will be joined by our very own Martin Kling behind the decks.

Thomas Franzmann aka Zip aka Dimbiman, co-founder of the label Perlon, is familiar with the dancefloors around the world and famous for his tremendous minimal shifts within the 4/4 scheme. He has an illustrious musical history which began in 1986 as singer in the band Second Voice. In 1992 he moved to Frankfurt and joined the EBM band Bigod 20. After several releases the band split. In 1996 he got together with Markus Nikolai and Chris Rehberger to form the audio-visual project Pile. In 1997 he and Nikolai founded the Perlon label, on which he has released under the pseudonyms Dimbiman, Pantytec (with Sammy Dee) and Narcotic Syntax (with James Dean Brown). Franzmann also recorded with Peter “Baby” Ford and has appeared on Ford’s label PAL SL. He is a regular guest DJ in clubs around the world and holds residencies at Robert Johnson (Offenbach) and the Panorama Bar (Berlin). He participates in the Narod Niki project, occasional collective laptop live jams initiated by Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. He has released tracks and remixes on Perlon, Playhouse, Force Inc, Novamute and others.

As many know Martin Kling is the booker that has been building the program and booking policy for Gallery 2.35:1 the last 6 years. During his time at Berns he has brought DJ’s like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, Ben klock, Ellen Alien, Margaret Dygas, Tama Sumo, Marcel Fengler, Patrice Baumel and Levon Vincent. His careful programming and passion for people and relationships has established Gallery 2.35:1 as one of the top 400 venue capacity clubs in the world. The passion for electronic music in the 4/4 format has also made him a true vinyl-junkie. The passion has taken him to festivals like Gagnef and clubs like Chalét in Berlin and off course Gallery 2.35:1.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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