Tim Sweeney, the man behind legendary tuesday evening show Beats in Space  from New York City, is coming to Berns. For this evening we have booked him together with our resident Axel Boman who has visited the show twice. Once solo and an other time with his posse and record label Studio Barnhus.

Tim started playing at raves around Washington DC when he was 15. When he moved to New York to study at NYU he started working for the legendary record label DFA.

The idea behind BIS is quite simple: to showcase music without compromising the show’s identity. Here is episode number 676 (!) with Four Tet.

BIS has also grown into a record label. Here Tim presents the first release. Smooth house music.

We are very exited to have Axel Boman joining us this evening. Axel has had a great year ending it with his incredible debut album “Family Vacation”. Here is the official video for “Fantastic Piano”

Check out some more great snippets from the album below. And make sure to vote for Axel in P3 Gold if you haven’t already.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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