In 2013 The Mole released the fantastic album “The Caregiver”. We where blown away. So on the 8th of March we proudly present The Mole Live with DJ-support by our very own Martin Kling.

The Mole is part of a generation of Canadian artists that where presented to the international scene through the MUTEK festival. In 2005 he released solo material on Philpot and Revolver. He also found the time to release “Dirt road and boat from soundwave” together with Matthew Jonson on Speicher.

The Mole has also been a part of Modern Deep Left Quartet that later would develop into legendary live-act Cobblestone Jazz.

The Mole also runs his own record label “Maybe Tomorrow” where he releases his own material. The first release “If I had a Nickel” is a deep-house-journey that we hope to hear in his live-set.

It has been a true pleasure to see Martin’s development during the last year. His burning passion for the vinyl format has made him a stand out DJ that will guarantee great DJ-support for this night.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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