Spencer Parker & La Fleur

The 29th of November La Fleur is back in Gallery 2.35:1. This time she has invited UK producer and DJ Spencer Parker that remixed her track “Flowerhead” on her label  Power Plant Records.  

Spencer Parker’s orginal blend of house and techno has taken him around the world many times. DJ’s that support his music varies from Dixon and Gerd Jansson to Zip and Ricardo Villalobos. Spencer’s career started already in 2005 and since then he has released music Tsuba, Liebe*Detail, Saved and Rekids. He joined the Rekids family in 2009 and started it of with mixing their first compilation “Rekids Revolution” that gained massive support in the scene. At the moment Spencer is a frequent visitor of the DJ booth of Panorama Bar in Berlin. Last time he played there he closed the club with a 9 hour set that showcased his talent for spreading magic on the dance floor.

Don’t even think about putting La Fleur into a box. For a start, she’s had too many twists and turns in her career to be edged into one particular corner. “I don’t like the word
perfectionist because sometimes it makes it hard to think outside the box,” she smiles. “But actually, I am a lot like that! I have a real attention to details. I’m never really satisfied with things – so I work and work until it feels right. I never leave
anything to chance.”

La Fleur actually started her working life as a pharmacist – but despite her acute understanding of laboratories, her passion was for an altogether different kind of mixing. “My
choice of career…. Well, it came to a point where I had to choose…. and I like the way it’s turned out!” It was an active choice to make music, and La Fleur chose with her heart – and her feet. Her first residencies were at Sunday Secrets and Berns in Stockholm
and a third key place was an infamous spot called Grodan Cocktail Club. “I was playing a bit more soulful house and US garage back then,” she smiles. What she really learned was inner confidence – and that practise makes perfect.

With a slew of cutting-edge club productions under her belt garnering praise and attention from producers like Ian Pooley and clubs like Watergate and Panorama Bar alike, La Fleur’s
sound is simultaneously house and techno, classic and futuristic alike. She knows how to speak to a crowd and – just as importantly – she knows how to make them move. Indeed, her recent three-hour set at Panorama Bar is testament to her technical and musical
prowess, mixing in her own productions with future-facing tracks and a sprinkling of classics. “I really love to dance and when I discovered dance music, there was a real connection. In general, the people who inspire me are devoted to the things they do.
Artists need to make me feel something. Music-wise, I like tracks that tell a story.”

La Fleur closing her three-hour P Bar with the chiming, winding melody of ‘Flowerhead’ – mainly because so many people came up and asked her to play it! – all Power Plant releases
come with unique sleeve art – with her most recent Eavesdropper EP coming with an sketched side portrait with ears even bigger than DJ Harvey’s disco earlobes!   “The visual side is very important to me. When I’m thinking about a track to sign or to release,
the artwork needs to match the music and vice versa when I started the label there was a recession and a lot of labels only did a white label with a stamp but I wanted beautiful vinyl for the home so I thought, fuck it I’ll do it my way!” La Fleur has worked
with Olaf Hajek based in Berlin, as well as Sweden’s most famous illustrator Hans Arnold, who drew the distinctive ‘Eavesdropper’ artwork.

Of course, none of La Fleur’s success came overnight. As well as playing shows as varied as Watergate, Zoo Project in Ibiza and P Diddy’s after-hours in Miami in 2010, she also has
a residency at Watergate to attend to. But for three years, La Fleur hosted the electronic dance music show ‘P3 Dans’, on Swedish National Radio, but once that specialist stint came to an end, she already had her next move planned out – “I moved to Berlin
to get inspiration and to make time for my new productions”. Building on the success of the Flowerhead EP,  Eavesdropper and Flowerhead Revisited, 2012 marked a new chapter for La Fleur as she moved ever closer to her innermost musical ambitions. Remixes for
Adana Twins (Strange – La Fleur Remix) and Magit Cacoon (ShowUp ShowDown – La Fleur Remix) consolidated her position as a go-to remixer.
La Fleur was also recently nominated for “Årets Dans by P3 Guld for Dance Music Of the Year. “I was very happy and honoured to be nominated,”
she says.

With a brand new residency at Watergate up and running and a brand new club track called ‘Slingan’ already a firm favourite for Kerri Chandler, life
is good for La Fleur. “I’ve been playing Wednesday nights – there are more locals and I like that. I play the Water Floor, which is really cool. Playing there allows musical freedom. La Fleur clearly wants a long life in music. “I don’t know what I would do
without music,” she muses. And what of her original choice of office environment,  wearing a lab coat?  “I can’t see myself working as a pharmacist again – maybe when I’m 60!” We doubt that dance music will let her go.


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