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Machines speak a language understood and appreciated by humans. Measured by the success of Skudge, the artistic duo has delivered a lot in a very short time. Combining their inspiration and talent through wires and analogue equipment, they seem to always present something new – in a very faithful style. What remains most significant on their output through the main label Skudge Records, as well as their remix material present on a row of different labels, must be their exceptional sense of loops and unexpected details in their productions.

Expect them to do what they do best – their own music on their own terms, meaning that wherever their journey brings to us and them, it will always be very tasteful. The intergalactic Jedi funkateer straight from the windy ports of Rotterdam Holland and his protective band of camouflaged R2 units are ready to take on any encountering nonbeliever of the science of bleeps n beats.

October (TANSTAAFL, Simple Records)

Agent: Claudio

October (Julian Raymond Smith) is a shining example of a renegade artist, constantly forging his own path rather than following the pack. Based in the musical melting pot of Bristol, he has been steadily rising in profile and creativity, both as a producer and as a DJ, since his first label Caravan Recordings came into being back in 2007. In that short time his brand of off-kilter house and techno has also appeared on, Perspectiv, Misericord, Jack Off and Immerse, championed by the likes of Ewan Pearson, Ripperton and DJ Qu while also collaborating with peers such as Appleblim, Will Saul, Kowton and many more.

His tracks bear the fruits of his musical influences, where the metallic textures of krautrock and curve-ball antics of noise rock collide with the bumping jack of the NYC, Detroit and Chicago originators. One quick search for his many online mixes will reveal wildly imaginative track selections far removed from the Beatport chart topping tracks du jour or the back-patting sycophantism rife in the modern podcast.

When he steps into the club, the same unconventional approach can be expected behind the decks as his deadly record collection gets a rough workout. At his prime in the sweaty, feverish peak of the night but equally adaptable to more hushed tones in the warm-up slot, October is a DJ in the truest sense of the word; sensitive to the crowd he plays to, uncompromising in his artistic vision, and playing vinyl only.

Signed to Skudge Recordings and Simple Records, DJ October has also been the driving force behind his new label ‘TANSTAAFL’ Records, which has been widely praised by the music press, and sets the course for more of the jacking dancefloor house and techno he is known for.

2012- 12-15

23.00 – 04.30

Berns Gallery 2.35:1



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