Shout Out Louds

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Shout Out Louds go way back in the Swedish Indie history. Next year 2013, will be the tenth year after the band released its debut work “100 EP” and the album How Howl Gaff Gaff. But when a number of other bands of the same category hobble their way forward Shout Out Louds have found new paths outside the map to go down. Maybe that’s just why it feels a bit nervy and exciting when we suddenly hear that they are about to release something new. Optica is the name of the album that will be in stores the 27 of February. We who are already dedicated fans got goose bumps just hearing the first teaser “Blue Ice” last week.

The band has been stuck in the studio for the last 18 months, recording and producing everything by themselves, and now it is time for us to take part of the result. While we wait they tell us:

“This time we didn’t want to have to show respect for an external part. We wanted to be free to do exactly as we felt the whole way. So for the first time, we chose to produce it all by ourselves, together with our friend Johannes Berglund. To come and go in his studio just as we wanted for so long and use him as an insightful authority was the ideal set up for us and what we wanted to accomplish. We didn’t have a traced plan from the start. For once we just decided not to worry about where we were heading, just trusting the decision in itself and that “right” didn’t have to imply the expected, or even something very reasonable. We put prestige and technique to the side in favor of energy and feeling. It was an unusual and very liberated process which will probably shine through throughout the album. It will most likely be apparent live too, we are extremely ready to go out and play”.  

Shout Out Louds have toured around the world several times and will do the same this time too.


8 pm

Stora Salongen

250 excl. service charge


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