Ryan Elliott (Ostgut Ton) & Simon Haydo (DEM, Stockholm LTD)

“What matters most, above all else, is what comes through the speakers,” says Detroit’s Ryan Elliott. “It must be the right track at the right time, delivered in the right way.” Nobody knows this better than Elliott, whose distinction as an internationally respected DJ, remixer, and one-half of Spectral Sound’s A&R team has grown steadily over his decade. They don’t hand out “DJ’s DJ” reputations at the club door – Elliott’s is well-earned his fame. Ryan Elliot’s sound remains unchanged: baseline-driven techno and house reduced to their essence, thoughtfully calibrated to drive crowds out of their minds. The time is right, the tracks are right, and Ryan Elliott is exactly where he needs to be!

For several years Simon Haydo has been playing records amongst the Underground clubs in his hometown ofStockholm,Sweden. With tracks previously released on Pär Grindvik’s Stockholm LTD label Simon recently moved to Berlin where he is starting his own imprint, DEM. Built for Simon himself as platform without boundaries. DEM is about timeless music in it’s purest form. With releases hitting you continuously in the near future, 2013 certainly looks like a promising year.




23.00 -04.30


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