PROSUMER (OstGut Ton, Playhouse/Berlin)
ELIF BIçER (OstGut Ton/Berlin)

Won’t you dance with me? Since Prosumer whispered this line on his second record and first genuine hit (The Craze for the revered Playhouse label), he grew to be one of the most impressive producers and DJs in his genre. His artist name stems from Alvin Toffler’s science-fiction book The Third Wave, which also inspired Juan Atkins to call his music “techno” and fuses “producer“ and “consumer” into one.

That’s exactly what Prosumer does. He produces and consumes house music. Being the essence of his creative work, he deals with it in a way that is traditional, honest, up-front and most of all very personal. Detroit, Chicago and New York are the twin cities that have shaped his sound since he started playing records in the late nineties. He is now an adoring DJ-at-heart who stands up for his own verity. All of that is stunningly bound in his first official mix “Panorama Bar 03” as well as continued and refined in his studio work.

Elif Biçer

Elif Biçer once said, “Singing is for me an incredible release. My aim is to have the confidence to move people.” There is hardly more to say in order to understand Elif’’s nature as a singer and as a person. She simply has a deep passion for music, especially singing. And isn’’t it one’s passion for something that one encounters in all sincerity? In other words, she puts her heart and soul into singing, she is sincere and outspoken and at the same time she proves to be quite modest as an artist which explains a charming self-confidence.




23.00 -04.30


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