Pjotr & HNNY

Pjotr is back! This time he brings Stockholm-house-vintage luminary HNNY who has made a big leap on to the international scene with his original productions and his fun disco edits.

Being a resident DJ at Stockholm’s infamous Berns 2.35:1 club as well as holding his own night Under Bron, it is almost an understatement to say that Pjotr is “well known” on the Swedish scene – during the years he has been fortunate to play alongside some amazing artists like Kassem Mosse, Aérea Negrot, Discodromo and several people from the Ostgut Ton stable, to name a few.

Born and bred in Sweden with Ukranian grandparents, hence the nickname, Pjotr has been playing music for the crowds since the early -00′s. Growing up with such diverse musical influences such as his mom’s old crooner records, a hell of a lot of Abba-Frida, Beethoven (his own choice at the age of 4) and later on way too much Eurodance… he is hard to lock in a genre. Trying to pinpoint what he plays now as house or techno works – but maybe we should just settle by calling it “’4 to the floor’ with a strong touch of pop and a hint of acid”.

Starting his career playing in one of Stockholm’s most respected queer parties, moving to London in 2003, sucking up the vibe of the UK-scene, DJ’ing and doing his very own first club night, as well as working in a record store – the city came to be a massive influence. Back in Stockholm in 2007 the DJ’ing really took off; producing and DJ’ing at several of his own celebrated club nights, quickly moving on to hold residencies at some of the city’s most respected venues as well as playing almost every single club, party or rave in the country. His most recent club night venture GUMM4N at Under Bron (w. Staffan Lindberg) has been a packed success since the start in spring 2012. The same year Pjotr also played Sweden’s two biggest festivals; Hultsfred as well as Way Out West, and finished off the summer stateside with gigs in both New York and San Francisco.

HNNY (pronounced “honey”) is probably the hottest producer of dance music to come out of Sweden since ABBA. The young Stockholm native debuted with an unlikely, hypnotic Mariah Carey edit released on Studio Barnhus in 2011. The year after that he broke through in the underground house scene with his smash hit “For The Very First Time”, released on Local Talk, as well as a much sought-after Steve Reich edit 12”. So far, 2013 has seen the release of another sure shot house anthem, “Yearning” (again on Local Talk), and a simple yet brilliant edit of Brandy & Monica currently doing the rounds as a limited white label.

Put HNNY in a DJ booth and you’ll hear an expertly mixed set of underground club music new and old, with fond memories of the old school and a steady gaze set on the future of dance music.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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