Opening party Friday W/ Magda & The Persuader

It’s time to step down to the basement again. We had a fantastic closing party and beautiful summer on the Terrace. Now we are very pleased to inform you that we will open the doors to Gallery 2.35:1 on September 6. The first two artists to enter the DJ booth will be Jesper Dahlbäck under his alias The Persuader and house and techno luminary Magda.


Magda was raised in Detroit and was soon captivated by the new music that was spreading in the city. Soon all became a blur of cities, record stores and parties. In 1998 she joined Minus and began touring with Richie Hawting as his sole opener. From there her distinctive sound began to develop and the rest is history. These days Magda isn’t home very much. In-between touring, she’s fully focused on her recently resurrected “Items & Things”. The labels vision always pin-points the off-kilter and the uncommon, seeking out new artists and sounds that push boundaries.


Jesper Dahlbäck doesn’t need a lengthy presentation. With over 20 years as a DJ and producer working with some of the most interesting figures in the business Jesper has established a big international following. Between 1996 and 2006 he produced a lot of material for the record company SVEK that gained attention for their new brand of Swedish house music. Under his alias “The Persuader” and his real name, Jesper was involved in almost half of the label’s catalogue. This year Jesper is resurrecting the old sounds combining them with new material that he will showcase around the world. Prepare to be hit with old classics combined with cutting edge new material in Gallery 2.35:1 this evening.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1



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