Jeff Mills Presents The Jungle Planet
Skudge Label Night

On 8th of March Gallery 2.35:1 invites Jeff Mills to Berns. The stop is one of many across the world during Mills promotion tour for his new album “The Jungle planet”. The show offers something different than the usual techno show. Mills that is known for his energetic and fast style is featured sitting down on stage with three CDJ’s, effects and a Roland TR-909 Drum machine.

During the 80′s Mills got known for his fast mixes and industrial sound playing in the local Detroit Radio. Under the alias “The Wizard” he made regular guest appearences on “The Elektrifying Mojo’s” radio show where he created a blend of bands like Kraftwerk, Funkadelic and Nine Inch Nails. This blend would become legendary and inspire a second wave of artists from Detroit to spread the sound of the repetitive and minimal techno. In the late 80′s Mills met the bass player “Mad” Mike Banks and together they founded the collective “Underground Resistance”. UR’s musical aesthetics was intended to draw attention to the social and economical difficulties that ruled the american inner city’s under President Reagan.

Mills is often seen as a great thinker and his music usually contains a message or an idea about humanity and the future which is hard to find in modern dance music. The last album “The Messanger” that he released on his own label Axis has a apocalyptical message that involves the global warming and the exploitation of the earths resources. The next chapter “The Jungle Planet” thus is presented in a 6 hour marathon techno set in Stora Salongen at Berns starting at 9 PM.


11 pm – 4.30 am

Stora Salongen


200 SEK

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