GutterSlut is a playground for freaks, geeks, transvestites, gays, straights, old and young. Whoever and whatever, you are in, as long as you are up for it! On the 26th of December the show comes to Berns with Per QX, Ms Crystal MC and A Man To Pet.

The party was born in 2007 in an old East London strip club, having been conceived as a rebellious alternative to the tired, monotonous and formulaic gay mainstream in London in the mid 00′s. GutterSlut founders and residents Per QX, Nic Fisher, Ralf Obergfell, Ms Crystal MC, (& Elliott J Brown, who moved on to other projects in 2010) called themselves the Dalston Gay Mafia – a tongue-in-cheek name invented for the decadent after-parties they used to hold in their infamous home, an old cheese factory down a seedy Dalston alley, frequently used by crack addicts, gangsters and prostitutes.

‘..These days, we often go to Berghain [the infamous Berlin club] on a Sunday lunchtime, or Gutterslut in east London,’ adds Tennant. ‘I personally like crazy nights with ridiculous drag queens, not people taking photos of the DJ all night…’’ Pet Shop Boys (Metro UK)

They roped in one the parties’ regular attendees – performance artist and alternative drag star Jonny Woo – to serve as their muse and GutterSlut was created. Things started moving. The cutting edge electronic dance music, diverse, creative crowd and knees-up bonkers atmosphere made for a unique, sexy, fun, full-on-energy melting pot. Soon the night was a driving force on the London party scene and beyond, which has led to unforgettable parties and residencies in London, Berlin, Stockholm and festivals Glastonbury, Bestival, Lovebox and Club Transmediale / ICAS Suite


10 pm – 4 am


120 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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