1:53.1 Invites Gregor Tresher & Patrick Siech

Gregor Tresher

Gregor Tresher began his career as a DJ and musician in Frankfurt in the early ’90s. Today, he can be found playing on scenes around the world – from Berlin to Tokyo, Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher had his break through as a producer under his own name in 2005 with his releases Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väth’s “Komm,” and his contribution to Cocoon’s Compilation F, “Full Range Madness.” In addition to releasing tracks on countless other esteemed labels – like Intacto, Great Stuff and Moon Harbour – Tresher launched his own eclectic imprint “Break New Soil” in 2009. “Lights from The Inside” is the third Gregor Tresher album, following his debut “A Thousand Nights” and “The Life Wire”.

Patrick Siech

One of the latest talents to emerge from the prominent Swedish techno scene, is Patrick Siech. As a die hard club promoter and DJ he’s been providing the regions of Southern Sweden with quality techno for many years – With 12″ releases on Adam Beyer’s “Drumcode” and “Truesoul”. He’s joined a prosperous stable of Swedish techno producers and has already hosted his fellow Swedish countrymen Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Jesper Dahlbäck, Ida Engberg and Agaric to name a few.




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