GERD JANSON (Running Back, Live At Robert Johnson) & AXEL BOMAN (Studio Barnhus, Pampa Records

Gerd Janson has been serving the hottest house and disco cuts at Frankfurts Robert Johnson where he has been hosting the Liquid club nights together with DJ heavyweight Thomas Hammann for the past few years. Without a doubt, Gerd Janson is one of the hottest talents on the German DJ circuit. The word has spread, and so he’s travelling a lot as a DJ now. And when not spinning records he’s known as a prolific music journalist writing for Groove magazine or Spex …, or he’s busy working at the Pentagon Recordstore in his hometown Darmstadt and as part of the staff for the Red Bull Music Academy. Recently, he even started doing shitty remixes for acts like Antena or DJ Designer Imposter and released a compilation of weirdo 80ies jams together with Jazzanova on Sonar Kollektiv. Don’t you like that?

Gerd Janson is also running the German label Running Back together with Thorsten Scheu (aka Glance).

Axel is in fact the Swedish word for shoulder, but born and bred Stockholmer Mr. Boman could just as easily have been named ass, since most of his life has been dedicated to moving just that body part. It was around 1992 that Axel started dragging the confused youngsters into all sorts of weird situations – dodgy warehouses, blooming fields, sweaty basements – just about any place that had a nice sound system and someone pumping a fat baseline through it. Building a reputation for himself in the small but very friendly Stockholm club scene, he was soon acknowledged as one of Sweden’s most skilful and best looking DJ dudes. His sound is raw, playful and drenched in oceans of soul – just the kind of stuff the dance floors of today are longing for. 2010 became his big breakthrough year for Axel and his ass with “Purple Drank” released on Pampa Records, he went off to London to participate in Red Bull Music Academy and he started his own label Studio Barnhus together with Petter (Border Community) and Kornél Kovacs. He is finally coming back in October and is setting up behind the dj – booth at Gallery 2.35:1


23.00 – 04.30




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