DVS1 US (Hush, Klockworks & Transmat) & David Winkler

Zak aka DVS1(devious one), is one of the most prominent figures in the Midwest/US dance music landscape today. A local DJ favorite since the mid nineties, DVS1 continues to move floors with a combination of deep musical knowledge, unparalleled enthusiasm, and a vinyl collection of more than 10,000 records. Zak’s deep roots and his bold and uncompromising nature have won him great respect as a passionate and outspoken defender and promoter (HUSH) of quality music. Zak began DJing in New York in the early nineties, focusing on the acid sounds of that time. After relocating to Minneapolis in the mid 90′s, his style evolved, like that of techno itself, into something more complex, something deeper and more rhythmic.

Properly paced atmospherics are the words that best describe David Winkler. From the shadows of the darkest tunnels under Stockholm’s grounds he suddenly rises like a sun for his friends . To familiarize with David and his music puts marks in your soul and we are happy to invite him to us.


23.00 – 04.30

Age limit

Berns Gallery 2.35:1

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