Finally Panorama Bar resident Steffi is back at Gallery 2.35:1! This time she is back for a Dolly Label Night with Staffan Lindberg who has released 2 great EP’s on her label.

Steffi recently compiled “Panorama Bar 05″. The mix takes the listener on a journey through timeless house music with tracks by Fred P, Deter and Juju & Jordash. The result is a classic mix of disco, house and techno with strong character that showcases Steffi’s unique style as a DJ.

In 2011 Steffi released her debut album on Ostgut Ton. “Yours featuring Virginia” is proof of Steffi’s delicate touch that creates music that touches the listener on a deeper level. The track was later released with remixes, here is Staffan Linberg’s version of “Yours”.

Staffan has released to EP’s on Dolly so far. Here is “Gloom” from the debut LP “Y2K”.

Listen to Staffan’s recording for our podcast series “Gallery 2.35:1 Mixes”.


11 pm – 5 am


220 SEK

Gallery 2.35:1

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