Daniel Bell
(7 th city | Accelerate | elevate )
googol plex
(kruthuset | voltfestivalen )

Daniel Bell is a pioneer that truly has made a mark on the Detroit music scene with his innovative and unique style. The 16th of march he touches down in Stockholm at Gallery 2.35:1 after a long and sweaty Friday night at Tresor in Berlin. During his time at university Bell got attention for his first release “Technarcy” co-written with Richi Hawtin and John Aquaviva for their imprint +8 Records.

After extensive touring around the US as opening act for Moby and The Prodigy, Bell decided to start his own company Accelerate Communication. Here he released a string of influential work. Under the Name DBX he struck the scene’s attention again with the underground hit “Losing Control”. During the 90′s he used his experience in the record industry to help younger and less established artist in the midwest to grow.

So, on Saturday we present a man with countless of records of underground funk in his bag. To give the evening that special touch we have booked Googol Plex who up to a few years ago constantly was found in the DJ-booth at Kruthuset spinning the morning set. Techno music in it’s finest form on this special evening in Gallery 2.35:1.


11 pm – 4.30 am

Berns Gallery 2.35:1


200 SEK

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