Ben Howard grew up in Totnes, South Devon. The British countryside between heaths and oceans seamed like the perfect start for the young talented man. There he lied on his surfboard at sunset reflecting over life. After the debut album “Every Kingdom” was released in 2011 a pleasant thrill went through every body of critics and music lover

Raised by parents who worshiped Joni Mitchell, Simon and Garfunkel and Bob Dylan, Howards truthful and emotional guitar songs started to take shape. He mixes the type of nostalgia and melancholy in his music that makes you cry and laugh at the same time. If you don’t know what we mean you should listen to the song “Keep Your Head Up”

And no, he is not like every other young man with a guitar in his hand. Ben Howard is your first!
He is sweaty palms and fumbling kisses. Your knitted shirt that has been drowned in cigarette smoke. Frozen noses and warm hearts. Your best friends hand in yours. He his like jumping when you don’t have the guts. To fail and try again. A body filled with summer and a stomach with reassurance. Saltwater in your hair and newly kissed lips. To never be unhappy or alone again. That is Ben Howard.

17th December

Stora Salongen

295 SEK + fee

18 +



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