Aril Brikha & Christian Vance

In 1998 ARIL BRIKHA’S  ‘Groove La Chord’ crossed generic boundaries. Is it techno? Is it house? Is it deep house? No one was more surprised by the success of the record than Brikha himself – he’d originally presented it on his demo as a potential B-side. It wasn’t until two years after he recorded the track, when Derrick May played it in a club, that he realised it was good.

Brikha was born in Iran and emigrated to Sweden at a young age. In his early teens he developed an interest in electronic music – artists such as Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre. Brikha obtained an Atari and started to use a sequencer and, after initially emulating the music of others, he began composing. Friends who heard his material told him it was ‘Detroit techno’. Brikha had no idea what that was – and so they played him records by Robert Hood and Berlin’s Basic Channel.

The layered, emotionally driven radiant sounds of Australian electronic dance musician CHRISTIAN VANCE are instantly recognisable. Performing solidly over the last decade as a live electronic music act in various forms within the electronic music community, he has gained the utmost respect of many artists and DJs from around the globe, transcending his Australian base. He has headlined various club shows in various European, Asian and Australian destinations.

His ability lies not only in entertaining but also drawing the crowd deeper into his own sound. Each set is organic, unique and has been known to span over three hours, exploring sonic ideas to make memorable ethereal dance floor excursions. He chooses to take people on a journey somewhere higher, into his world of sensual electronic improvisation. Vance’s music is identified by deep chord sequences and synced-up jazz beats over a constant synthetic pulse. The allure of this sound is in its inability to be categorised. The seamless slippages from soundtrack-like atmosphere to Deep House, Jazz, Detroit Techno, future rhythms, broken beat and synthesized world music conglomerate, offering his audience a point of departure.



23.00 – 04.30

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Berns Gallery 2.35:1


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