2.35:1 meets Tresor with Dj Deep, Marcelus and Hintergrundrauschen

As part of the tour promoting the new DJ DEEP compilation Kern vol. 1, we proudly present a special Tresor night here at Berns Gallery 2.35:1.

Since getting his DJing break from Laurent Garnier twenty years ago, Paris’s DJ Deep has forged a singular path in House and Techno, becoming known for his strong musical selection and appreciation of the finer points of the artform – a DJ’s DJ, you might say. His career has played out over the radio waves (on Paris stations FG 98.2 and then Radio Nova) as well as in the most prestigious clubs in the world, including a longstanding residency at The Rex during the 90s.

A little from him, in his own words:
“I always had a non-DJ approach to DJing, in the sense that when playing I am not focussing on making the floor go crazy or focussing on the idea of always keeping the energy level up up up, but I am very passionate about sharing with the crowd what I think are the dopest records of the moment or the dopest classics.”



23.00 – 04.30

Age limit

Berns Gallery 2.35:1

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