1:53.2 Invites Ray Kajioka, Nima Khak & Alexi Delano

Another 1:53.2 affair in Gallery 2.35:1. This time our label and booking agency has invited Nima Khak, label manager and artist, Ray Kajioka that just released the “Early Bird” EP (together with Diego Hostettler) and newly signed swedish legend Alexi Delano.

NIMA KHAK (1:53.2)
In the mid 90′s Nima Khak came in contact with the Swedish techno scene. Born in Iran but he moved to Sweden as a child. Khak grew up in Stockholm with the rich flora of prolific labels such as Drumcode, Code Red, H-Productions, Inside rec. and the other Stockholm based labels coloring the soundscape of his own production to a big extent.Today his productions are often centered around a deeper groove and a pulsating beat, but always with a clear and consistent idea and a forward thinking drive as showcased by his releases on Drumcode and Truesoul. As part of the new wave of Swedish techno artists Nima Khak is carving his own imprint on the genre, forever curious, forever exploring.

RAY KAJIOKA (1:53.2)
Born and raised in the small city Lutherstadt Wittenberg in 1980, Ray already as a child had fun to jingle on each object around him that sounds. His mother gave him his name from the Soul and Jazz-legend Ray Charles, like she had already known his affinity to music before birth. “I’ve felt music in me at all times and wherever I saw a piano standing around, I just couldn’t resist touching it”. He even sometimes stole his mom’s cooking pots and plastic bowls converted into drum sets, which he used to play with, while music shows were running on TV. For Ray’s parents reason enough to get their lively junior finally a real instrument.

At age fourteen, Ray first began to play melodies and chords by ear on his Yamaha Keyboard. A year later he attended the music school, played classical music on piano. But it didn’t last more than six months. The lessons were not really interesting enough to keep Ray’s attention up on it further. He rather followed the fun of playing keys of catchy songs like “Big Fun” (Inner City), or “Slave To The Rhythm” (Grace Jones). Or soundtracks like the “Axel Foley Theme” until that day he realized “why not starting to produce own tracks?!”. So he moved on getting new keyboards. Computer, drum machines, synths etc. followed little by little and found there each place at Ray’s home studio. Hardly a day went by that the young musician wasn’t sitting in front of his machines, playing keys and rhythms, trying new variations, creating new patterns and finally getting whole tracks in the end.
But, producing music wasn’t everything that interested Ray. He discovered his fervidness spinning records while hanging out with friends. At that time they already shared some records, turntables and a mixer and invited Ray to join one of their sessions. “The fun mixing vinyls had cought me rapidly at that moment and I thought instantly: Fun! … wanna have, must have!!!”

This initiated his DJ-career, first playing on few regional parties, but shortly after he became a Resident-DJ (1997 and 1999) at the former Oxyt Muzikclub. “For me Oxyt wasn’t just the venue where I did the warm-up or was finishing nights, it was my gate to the world of clubbing.”

In 2000 Ray Kajioka joined the Electronic Music Club “Global Village” in Dessau, where he supported the nights with impressive live and DJ-gigs as a resident DJ. During that time he signed on Müller Records. His first release “Ichi-Ni-San-Shi” ran very successful, that Ray today still receives responses on it. Further releases appeared on Television, as well as on Dave Angels’ worldwide respected label Rotation Records. This triggered more requests and Ray got booked to established clubs (Distillery, Achtermai, Tresor etc) and events (Melt Festival, Time Warp, Summer Spirit etc) in Germany.
One day in 2004, one of Ray’s demos landed on Heiko Laux’s desk. The head of Kanzleramt was impressed by his work, that Ray consequently got invited to visit the Kanzleramt-HQ in Berlin and signed the label. The now Berliner had been releasing on Kanzleramt Music ever since. Furthermore, remixes for Beroshima, Joel Mull, Pawas, as well as Dave Clarke were followed in between.

In Fall 2011, Ray returned with two remarkable releases on Kanzleramt. His “Sparks” and “Thrill” releases had been huge hits in many DJ charts. Supported by a lot of big names like Laurent Garnier, Ken Ishi, Joel Mull, Alan Fitzpatrick, Secret Cinema, Adam Beyer, Stephan Bodzin, Charles Siegling, Dustin Zahn, Estroe, Claude Young, Elbee Bad, Pär Grindvik (just to name few) ..

Right with the beginning of this year Ray Kajioka started up with remixes for Elbee Alexander Kowalski which already got great feedback each.

Forthcoming, another release on Maktub Music (New Delhi/ India) end of February/Beginning March. Further, a release-project on Shaded Music (Lithuania) will be out during March.
Also, a new release on Kanzleramt will follow. Details we will tell you soon!

Alexi Delano dwells in the perfect balance between shiny minimalism and dark vivacious techno. With more than two decades on stage he has been able to combine different roots and facets of the contemporary music scale.

Born in Chile, raised in Sweden and later adopted by New York, Alexi together with fellow Swedes such as Adam Beyer, Cari Lekebusch and Jesper Dahlback became part of the Swedish wave of electronic music producers of the mid 90’s. Moving from Scandinavia to New York influenced him to combine the heavy compressed Swedish sound with the vibrancy of the creative music scene of Brooklyn.

Throughout his time in the music industry, Alexi has produced five albums and released countless amount of records on established labels such as the historic SVEK imprint, Plus 8, Minus, Drumcode, H-Production and many more.
With a production and DJ style that sways neatly between house and techno, he is consistently able to re-invent himself with each new release.

Simultaneously Delano has been experimenting beyond the border of the classic 4/4 beat producing original pieces for short movies and fashion projects.
Also in 2011 he was nominated for the Swedish Music Award “P3 Guld” an alternative to the Swedish Grammy.

Now in 2013 Alexi Delano is finalizing his 6th album “The Art Of Collaboration” for the Swedish Techno label H-productions as well as re-launching his own record label AD Limited whilst continue to write original pieces for a string of projects.


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